B-Classic - Amina Osmanu

Amina Osmanu

Amina Osmanu a.k.a. Amos is one half of the duo A/T/O/S (A Taste Of Struggle), completed by Truenoys. The duo released their third album, Waterman, in 2020.De Morgen:‘They say I cry too much and I know too little,’ croons Amina Osmanu a.k.a. Amos on the third album released by A/T/O/S (A Taste Of Struggle). Her sultry and raspy voice is the perfect match for her unflinching lyrics: part Jorja Smith and part Martina Topley-Bird. Her performance launched the third album by this Antwerp-based duo to stratospheric heights. Truenoys, her partner in crime, slips irresistible beats under the veil of soulful sadness. His ambient, shadowy beats are sometimes reminiscent of DJ Krush and other times of the quintessential British sound architects Bonobo and SBTRKT. The careful weaving-in of percussion in ‘Sofia Silence’ will make the competition go green with envy. 




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