B-Classic - Azerty klavierwerke

Azerty klavierwerke

In 2018, Alan Van Rompuy graduated with high distinction from the Conservatory of Antwerp as Master In Arts, majoring in jazz piano with the solo project Azertyklavierwerke. The grand piano was accompanied by midi instruments straight from Ableton.
That same year, he released two EPs (Down and Enter) and two singles (Schemerzone and Soelaas). Down and Enter were made in residence at music centre Volta and are an artistic interpretation of techno and hardcore, this time without piano.
2019 is the year of debut album Fruitless Hammer, released independently on digital platforms. Other releases include EP Monolith and single Patterns. Sometimes electronic percussion plays such a major role that harmony and melody completely disappear, at other times his classical and jazz background come into their own in the form of delicately arranged compositions.
Fruitless Hammer is picked up by Sound Track via curator Roman Hiele and by small radio and magazines such as Radio XL-Air, We Are Various, The Word Radio, Luminous Dash, Dancing Bears and Gonzo Circus. Instrumentation is predominantly digital, ranging from stage pianos to simple drum computers.
A second album, called Galm, is based on self-recorded impulse responses in meaningful places in Flanders and Brussels and is in full production when all the material is stolen.
A second album, Echo Park, will then be released in late October 2020, with singles In between, One night and Leminate you. Instruments that are very much present are the Korg Monologue, home-created sample-based instruments and the highly manipulated playing of drummer Olivier Penu. The voice of theatre producer and multi-instrumentalist Leonore Spee can be heard on several tracks.