B-Classic - Frederik Croene

Frederik Croene

After graduating from Conservatories in 1999 Frederik Croene developed a handful trajectories in which he reflects on the ever changing and multi-layered identities of the classical pianist. As the Gestalt of his instrument is grounded in 19th century romanticism, he still uses virtuosity to communicate about being a pianist. He played and recorded the classical repertoire and worked intensively with composers as Michael Beil, Johannes Kreidler, Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Finnissey, Alexander Schubert and Stefan Prins. His formulation of the concept of Le Piano Démécanisé in an article and an LP-release in 2010 was a turning point in becoming a composer/performer.

With pianist Elisa Medinilla he founded PIANOGUIDE, a dynamic pianist think tank that develops concert events together with programmers and for which Croene composes new pieces. Other trajectories tend to focus more on transdisicplinary art with artist Karl van Welden, improvisation and intiutive performance/studio recording with Timo van Luijk a.k.a Af Ursin.

He is a piano teacher and leads the Vinim-atelier, a place for new music experiments. In a small venue in Merelbeke (BE) he curated PXP (2015-2020), a series of concerts with experimental music.




Three female singers tackle the music of Frederik Croene from their individual backgrounds: soprano Lore Binon, singer-songwriter IKRAAN and ...

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