B-Classic - Ikraaan


No one can do what IKRAAAN does. She discovered her passion for music as a teen by listening to artists like Tupac – a passion she combined with her love of the Dutch language. In just one year she developed her distinct, dreamy style that instantly transports you to a world like no other. IKRAAAN makes music out of necessity. Obstacles, challenges and the pain of being fundamentally different are the painful subjects she addresses in her music.

Her first EP, HAPPY PILL (2019), was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale musical climate. Artists like Brihang, Zwangere Guy and Amenra became instant fans. In 2020, she was a finalist in Studio Brussel's music competition De Nieuwe Lichting, for which she wrote the song ‘Waarom’ with Jef Neve.

In the summer of 2019, IKRAAAN started working on her first album. It was also during this period that her alter ego ‘The Clown’ bubbled to the surface. The clown embodies the pain, joy and emotions and the good and bad in all of us. It is the narrator of her subconscious, sharing her own stories and the stories of those close to her. 












Three female singers tackle the music of Frederik Croene from their individual backgrounds: soprano Lore Binon, singer-songwriter IKRAAN and ...

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