B-Classic - Kim Van den Brempt

Kim Van den Brempt

 Pianist Kim Van den Brempt has an eclectic repertoire that ranges from accompanist to soloist to classical musician.

He has worked on more than a hundred contemporary music creations, among others with Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, led by Jean-Paul Dessy. His interest in contemporary music was sparked by Jean Michiels and Pierre Laurent Aimard, his teachers at the conservatories of Brussels and Paris.

His weakness for music and the specific role played by the pianist was passionately conveyed by Jozef de Beenhouwer and Graham Johnson. The many concerts with singers such as Thomas Blondelle, Ilse Eerens, Wilfried Van den Brande and Ana Naqe and his long-term collaboration with soprano Elise Caluwaerts are living proof of this.

Van den Brempt also enjoys working on musical projects with artists from other disciplines. He has previously collaborated with writers Lize Spit, Sien Volders and Laurent de Sutter, with artists Paul Van Gysegem, Anne Jones and Valérie Lenders, and with film composers Johan Joogewijs, Raf Keunen and Tuur Florizoone.

In 2020, he released his solo project Moving Hands, in which five new compositions enter into a dialogue with the iconic works of Philip Glass.





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