B-Classic - Lennert Baerts

Lennert Baerts

Who are we? Who are we as an artist? Who are we as a person? It is probably one of the most essential questions we can ask ourselves. But I consider answering this question a process. A process that is taking us a step forward every day. However important this question may be to the personal development of an individual, I find it completely irrelevant to ask this question to anyone else.

So when you ask me what I am, I will fail to give you the answer. Am I a composer? Am I a saxophonist? Artist, producer or just a dreamer? I am wondering too. Perhaps it is precisely the avoidance of that inevitable label that typifies me the most.

What I can tell you is that I consider myself a creative soul who loves nothing more than creating and realizing naive ideas. Sound is the medium I use for this. That is why it is only logical that I try to immerse myself in composing, playing music, producing, recording and making that sound physical.

Communication and eloquence are two qualities that I always try to pursue when making music. It is the essence of everything I do. There is little or no interest in stylism. The concept of curriculum also doesn't appeal to me. Sharing ideas is the driving force in devising and realizing new fantasies. There you have that damn communication and eloquence again! It's about conveying a message, conveying energy. From musician to musician, from composer to audience, from medium to listener and yes, from audience to artist ...



The Elfurenmis (‘Eleven o’clock mass’) is a concept developed by De VELINX and B-Classic in which classical music in the broadest ...

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