B-Classic - Mattias De Craene

Mattias De Craene

Mattias De Craene (born 1989, Ghent) is a Belgian saxophonist & composer. He is a member of Nordmann and MDCIII.

Since 2020, De Craene has focused more on solo work. He produces his own music, to concept depart the sounds from the sax, evoking cinematic atmospheres. He builds the basis for his music with repetitions and effects; the main role is once again given to the long, ethereal melodies of his saxophone. The result is a free and intoxicating whole that has similarities to the work of Nils Frahm and Colin Stetson.

He released his solo debut in the form of an untitled EP after which he released his first double-full album "Patterns For (A) Film" in 2021. Besides his musical career, he is also a director. In 2017, he co-directed with Bieke Depoorter the film: Dvalemodus.

Mattias De Craene occasionally lends his instrumental voice to other musicians such as Sylvie Kreusch, Tim Vanhaemel, Dijf Sanders and many others.

In 2022, he was nominated in the "Musician" category for the MIAs (Music Industry Awards)