B-Classic - Stien Carlier

Stien Carlier

Baritone saxophonist Stien Carlier graduated from the Maastricht Academy of Music and was immediately allowed to go on tour with the wind section of the immensely popular Dutch band Slagerij van Kampen. She also plays with various bands such as Muze Jazz Orchestra and Bruna. In 2016 her mother Solange passed away and as a form of therapy Stien started composing and writing songs under the name Westhinder. In 2022, the wonderful debut album Westhinder was released, on which Stien exchanged her baritone sax for her own voice and electronics.



The Elfurenmis (‘Eleven o’clock mass’) is a concept developed by De VELINX and B-Classic in which classical music in the broadest ...

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