B-Classic - 16.05.2024 Kunstennacht Hasselt - Gregory Frateur x Bert Pfeyffers x Jolan Decaestecker


do 16 mei 2024
19:00 (CET)
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Lombaardstraat 21, 3500 Hasselt


free entrance

During Kunstennacht Hasselt, Gregory Frateur, Bert Peyffers, and Jolan Decaestecker join forces to create a unique and unforgettable concert. By combining their diverse backgrounds and musical influences, they create a sound that is both powerful and subtle. We will nestle ourselves in the beautiful setting of the old provincial council building for a surprising one-time collaboration. The doors will open at 7 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm. Be sure to arrive on time for the concert; last year, we had to close the doors again.


Performer, singer, composer, lyricist, and actor: Gregory Frateur is primarily known for his unique vocal sound and as the frontman of the Belgian band Dez Mona. With Dez Mona, he has built an impressive repertoire, consisting of 9 studio albums, a live album, and various soundtracks for film, theater, and dance. In addition to his work with Dez Mona, Frateur has collaborated over the years with various collectives, artists, composers, and musicians, continuously expanding his creative horizons and often drawing inspiration for new creations.


Bert Peyffers, better known as "Bert Skunk," is a talented Belgian percussionist who fell in love with the cajon at the age of 13. His skill and passion led him to the semifinals of Belgium's Got Talent, where he shone as a solo artist. As a freelance percussionist and studio musician, he strongly believes in the connecting power of music. Bert is not only the founder of the 12-member musical collective Wamaki's but is currently touring Europe with the bands Ão & Vermin Twins.


Producer Jolan Decaestecker is primarily known as a guitarist or sound engineer with bands such as Ão, Mooneye & Spëcht. As a solo artist, he showcases his love for experimental ambient and soundscapes with his project "Empty Apartments." Jolan is not afraid of unique combinations and creations and writes all the music for this unique one-time collaboration.