B-Classic - Elisabeth Klinck

Elisabeth Klinck

Elisabeth Klinck (born 1995)  is a violinist, composer and performer based in Brussels. With a background in classical music, electroacoustic composition, improvisation and theatre she navigates through fragile musical landscapes using tactile sound textures and atmospheric tones. Klinck released her debut album on the Swiss label Hallow Ground. " It is an intimate record in which Klinck’s expressive playing that incorporates unconventional techniques forms the basis of something much bigger: an invitation to inhabit a specific space at a specific time."

Klinck often works for theatre both as composer and performer. (The Importance of beeing Flemisch, Night Swimming, Bambiraptor,...) From the 2022-2023 season, Klinck can be seen in Miet Warlop's NTGent performance ONE SONG - Histoire(s) du Théâtre IV.

In 2023 she was a resident at Studio Classic.