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I solisti

What began more than 30 years ago as a traditional wind octet has grown under the inspiring leadership of artistic director and founding father Francis Pollet into an ensemble and music production house of international repute.

The operation of I SOLISTI consists of four main pillars:

- concerts (repertoire and creations, from intimate chamber music to impressive masterpieces)

- adventurous projects around opera and music theatre

- Support for young musical, creative and composing talent through the I SOLISTI ACADEMY.

- publishing exciting recordings and our four-monthly magazine Reflections

The musical heritage of 250 years of wind music|evolution from Mozart to the present day is the thread that runs through it, and it is diligently propagated, but also continually questioned and renewed.

In the production WILD, Seraphine Stragier (cello), Bertel Schollaert (saxophone) and Tom De Cock (percussion) collaborated.



A magic-realism performance about a woman in search of her place in nature. About the difficulty of putting our humanness aside and the impossibility ...

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