B-Classic - Wild


Text, editing and direction : Lucas Derycke
Composition : Frederik Neyrinck
Acting : Matthias Van den brul & Ellis Meeusen
Cello : Seraphine Stragier
Saxophone : Bertel Schollaert
Percussion : Tom De Cock
Dramaturgy : Els Theunis
Trailer : Charlotte De Cort, Grégoire Verbeke

A co-production of Het nieuwstedelijk, B-Classic, C-TAKT, Het Laatste Bedrijf and SOLISTI

Valued partners:
Sabam, the Flemish Government and the Flemish Community Commission (VGC). 


Various locations

A magic-realism performance about a woman in search of her place in nature. About the difficulty of putting our humanness aside and the impossibility of getting lost.

Anna is on a school trip with her eleven-year-old students. They step off the bus and into the oppressive noise and heat of a tropical swimming pool. Anna floats on her back, scraping against the plastic rocks, as the wave machine switches on. In the evening, when everyone is sleeping, something draws Anna outside. Her body wants to escape and she breaks into a run. But no matter which direction she chooses, she always knows where she is.

Lucas Derycke was inspired by his walks in the Black Forest, the Vosges, the virgin forests of Slovenia, the Bavarian Forest, the Ardennes and, most of all, Brussels. Just one kilometre from his apartment is the Moeraske nature reserve, a 14-hectare sliver of green surrounded by a ranger station, a dog school and Proximus office buildings.