B-Classic - Lucas Derycke

Lucas Derycke

Lucas Derycke (1990) is an audio and theatre maker. He graduated from the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels in 2014. His work finds its way to radio stations and theatre halls at home and abroad.

For the audio piece 'Screener', he received the Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden, Germany's most important prize for radio plays, in 2017. That same year, as a young creator, Lucas was part of Het nieuwstedelijk, the city company of Leuven, Hasselt and Genk, for a year.

Besides his own work, he has already written and edited for Het nieuwstedelijk, ARSENAAL/LAZARUS, Kunstencentrum BUDA, K.A.K., Radio Begijnenstraat, Ellis Meeusen, Fien Leysen ...

Between 2014 and 2018, Lucas made with Wederik De Backer and Thomas Morlion - commissioned by Radio 1 - the radio fiction series 'Gewone Mensen' and the column 'Bent die iedereen kent'.

He is chairman of Klankverbond, the Flemish trade association for audio makers, and one of the driving forces behind the independent podcast 'Plantrekkers'.

Lucas is currently touring with 'Hangar' and 'Wild' and - with support from the Flemish government - is conducting artistic research into staged audio. The short film 'Echo', which resulted from this research, premiered in Amsterdam in July '21.



A magic-realism performance about a woman in search of her place in nature. About the difficulty of putting our humanness aside and the impossibility ...

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