B-Classic - Michiel De Naegel

Michiel De Naegel

Michiel De Naegel was born in Beringen. In 2018 he earned a master’s degree in composition at KASK School of Arts in Ghent, where the character Joeri Chipsvingers was born. De Naegel was asked to compose an upbeat tune. The result made him think of the opening music for an animated movie. He called it ‘The Adventures of Joeri Chipsvingers’. In 2020 he recorded the eponymous album in Bijlokestudio with several musician fiends (string players, wind instrumentalists, percussionists and a pianist).

‘Joeri is an absurd exaggeration of some of my personality traits,’ says De Naegel of his inner Joeri. ‘I love busy, frenetic rhythms and strange sounds. I’d like to think I’m slightly more stable than my alter ego, but apparently I’m drawn to music that is capable of dismantling something, in this case the overly serious approach to classical music.’

De Naegel previously made metal with 30,000 Monkies and noise with Youff. Last year he composed the music for an animated film as well as soundscapes and sound collages for various theatre productions – a combination he enjoys. (Bruzz, July 2021)

Interview in 'Dansende Beren'