B-Classic - Nabou Claerhout

Nabou Claerhout

Nabou Claerhout (°1993, Antwerp) took a brave and unusual leap to learn to play the trombone at the age of 9. Nobody could have imagined then that, years later, she would land in the middle of the contemporary jazz scene. Today, Nabou is one of the most promising and innovative jazz trombonists of the Benelux.

With Fred Wesley and Mark Guiliana in mind, the young Nabou went from Kunsthumaniora Brussel to Codarts Rotterdam, with among others Bart Van Lier and Ilja Reingoud as her teachers. After a stop at the Royal Academy of Music in London (2017), Nabou graduated from Codarts in 2018. Since then, she has been teaching at the Kortrijk Conservatory and Wilrijk music academies, and has been working as a researcher at the Arts & Research Institute in Antwerp since September 2021.