B-Classic - Glossolalia


Thomas Azier: concept & vocals
Obi Blanche: producer, guitar
Simon Segers: drums
Maarten Hogenhuis: saxophone
Fanny Alofs
Nicole Fiselier
Rianne Wilbers
Kadri Tegelman
Bianca Sallons
Laura Polence
Jorien Zeevaart
Sterre Konijn
Nina Rompa


C-mine 10
3600 Genk

Thomas Azier ft. Obi Blanche & vocal ensemble
with Simon Segers (drums), Maarten Hogenhuis (sax)

In recent years, Thomas Azier has often proven himself a multi-talent, interdisciplinary artist and acclaimed stage animal. 'Dansende Beren' called him a "seemingly inexhaustible source of inspiration and talent.

During the pandemic, Thomas Azier made several out-of-the-box shows in unfamiliar territory, including in TivoliVredenburg Utrecht. Together with Finnish experimental guitarist/producer Obi Blanche, and accompanied by saxophonist Maarten Hogenhuis (BRUUT!) and drummer Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren), Thomas created Glossolalia, a brand new music-theatrical performance that breaks with rules. Glossolalia is a live performance based on sound and movement, in which eight vocalists and moving sound sources function as metaphors for a chaotic society where multiple perceptions can exist side by side.The audience is in the middle of the performance.

With the highly appreciated collaboration of C-mine.