B-Classic - The end of infinity

JFDR: vocals, guitar, keyboards, live electronics
Kieran Brunt: lyrics, vocals, violin, keyboards, live electronics
Benjamin Glorieux: cello, vocals, live electronics

The end of infinity is a co-production with C-mine.

Valued partners:
STRP Eindhoven
City of Genk



C-mine, STRP festival Eindhoven, Southbank London, Feeërieën 2022 (organisator: AB Brussels), Cultura Nova festival

Icelandic singer-songwriter/producer Jofridur Akadotir (JFDR), British singer/composer Kieran Brunt and Belgian cellist/composer Benjamin Glorieux embark on a joint adventure, looking for new connections between classical and electronic music. Not a crazy combination if you consider that Glorieux gave Bach's famous cello suites a new perspective with the help of live electronics and that Brunt previously worked with artists such as Nils Frahm, Jónsi, Terry Riley and Anna von Hausswolff.

The same Brunt asked JFDR a few years ago for a feature on the album of his electronic duo Strange Boy. That went so well that a renewed collaboration was inevitable.

This production kicked off at the prestigious South Bank Centre and was made possible by C-mine.