B-Classic - 08.10.2022 Canto Ostinato


za 8 oktober 2022
20:30 (CET)


Basilica of our Lady


Standard: €20,00
Friend of de Velinx: €16,00

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The 'Canto Ostinato' by Simeon Ten Holt, one might say the Dutch Wim Mertens, is more than a piece of music, it is a hypnotic experience. Composed between 1973 and 1979, it is the Netherlands' most celebrated contribution to minimal music. Unlike other minimalists, who often emphasise the rhythmic aspect, Ten Holt looks in the direction of melody and sound. Every performance of 'Canto Ostinato' is unique, because Ten Holt gives the musicians a great deal of freedom in their treatment of the score.

The premiere of Canto on 25 April 1979 in the Ruïnekerk in Bergen hit like a bomb and became a classic hit in the Netherlands. Scores are tattooed on body parts, women give birth to children to 'Canto',.... No contemporary piece of music has had as much impact in the Netherlands as 'Canto Ostinato'.

For some incomprehensible reason, this composition is rarely performed in our little country, while the churches in our northern neighbours are packed when this work is on the programme. High time to do something about this and let Belgium take the axe. But B-Classic would not be B-Classic if they did not give it their own twist to lift the whole thing to even greater heights for the honour and glory of your ultimate concert experience. Because that is what it will be. Guitarist and composer Ward Opsteyn has created an immersive version of the Canto together with master arranger Ward. In other words, 360° music! Uber-organmeister Luc Ponet will be behind the organ, flanked by truly phenomenal vocalists such as Charlotte Schoeters, Ekaterina Levental, Rianne Wilbers, Fanny Alofs and the inimitable Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe. Open your mind and your......
.... heart will follow.

Musical concept and guitar: Bram Stadhouders
Arrangement: Ward Opsteyn
Organ: Luc Ponet
Vocalists: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Charlotte Schoeters, Ekaterina Levental, Rianne Wilbers, Fanny Alofs

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