B-Classic - 09.10.2022 Elfurenmis - Benjamin Glorieux&Emmanuelle Verhaegen


zo 9 oktober 2022
11:00 (CET)


Sint-Truidersteenweg 3
3700 Tongeren


Standard €16,00
Friend of the Velinx €12,00

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On 25 October 2020, the VELINX and B-Classic organised the very first Elfhourmass, and also the last performance of 2020.The mass turned out to be a hit, a wonderful experience for audience, artists and organisation. Unfortunately, COVID then struck unrelentingly and we were forced to go over to livestreaming. So also this mass on January 24, 2021, in which cellist Benjamin Glorieux, gender activist Emmanuelle Verhagen, Rashif El Kaoui and our regular backing band Martijn Vanbuel (bass), Maarten Lingier (piano) and Tim Finoulst (guitar) surpassed themselves. We now offer you this magical experience 100% live and without screen or wifi.

Emmanuelle Verhagen is, besides being a diversity consultant, also the chairperson of Intersex Flanders. In February 2020, she addressed the Federal Parliament and in June 2020 she testified before the committee on Public Health. In this lecture-annex-sermon, Emmanuelle talks about their experience with their intersex bodies. About how we judge our children's bodies and 'normalise' them without their say.

Cellist Benjamin Glorieux doesn't mind switching from Bach's suites with the Belgian National Orchestra to a concert with Zwangere Guy Besides being a cellist, Benjamin is also a conductor and composer. His performance on 24 January 2021 during the live stream was so amazing that it would really be a sin to deny you this live experience. You have been warned.

Master of ceremonies Rashif El Kaoui receives, watches, addresses, thanks and blesses on which we shall all depart in peace.

A performance as part of the 'Beroert' festival, a collaboration between the VELINX and B-CLASSIC.


The Elfurenmis (‘Eleven o’clock mass’) is a concept developed by De VELINX and B-Classic in which classical music in the broadest sense of the word meets the ultimate lecture – a sermon. The backing band will be joined by a celebrated ...

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